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You are absolutely capable of creating the life you can't stop thinking about.

Empowering people like you to take hold of your life today and every day is why I'm here. 
You've come to the right place. 

The Full Story...

I guess we can start with this: Follow all your dreams–no matter how small.


Writing has been one of my small dreams. I’ve written journals, always admiring those who can put their thoughts onto paper and make it sound so inspirational. I was never one to speak my feelings into existence, but I wrote pages after pages of my thoughts. I write things others say that inspire me, and I write on my own so I have the words to inspire others. Letters became my way of communicating love, admiration, and anguish to my family during childhood. For every holiday and birthday - no gifts, just letters. Words are my therapy, writing is my release of all the thoughts inside my head that I have always wanted to share. 

I started this blog, named after and signed as letters from me, to create a space where my letters and thoughts can be shared globally, so people like me know they’re not alone in what they’re going through, and to answer questions I, too, have asked and accepted advice or taken the high road to finding the answers to. So, ask questions, get personalized advice, and read my tips on taking life into your own hands. 

Why come to me for advice?

I wondered the answer to this question, too. But in the short amount of time I’ve been on Earth, I’ve learned lessons and observed that of others that seem to have taught me well. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but wisdom comes with lessons and experiences, not years. You, too, are wiser than you realize. 

Here, I can give you the tools you need to create the life you want (and deserve). Help me help you!

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As for our shop...

Sundays is a positivity-based self care brand handmade from the East Coast, USA. We offer self care products to incorporate into your everyday life that will enhance your day with style, intention, and renewal. We call it Sundays because to us, Sundays are the start of a new journey, an opportunity for a reset, a fresh start, a reminder to live with intention. Luckily, that means we have an opportunity for a reset every week. And realistically, every morning is another opportunity to become the best you. That is why we based our brand off the morning routine of an easy (but productive) Sunday morning feeling. Because it is this energy that empowers us.

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